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A Call from on High

A Call from on High

Derby Cathedral

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Saturday 7 October

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About the event

Look up to hear towering ballads and music in mid-flight!

Look up to hear towering ballads and music in mid-flight, with this special commission by Sinfonia Viva. Composer Andrew Williams creates four new site specific music and sound performances, using orchestral musicians situated on rooftop locations around Derby Cathedral as a part of Derby Folk Festival.

These towering ballads are rooted in folk songs that tell the story of Derby and Derbyshire’s history. Providing stirring aural counterpoints to the noise of the City, these emotionally charged flights of musical fancy, will be whisked into the air from the top of Derby Cathedral and down to the busy streets below.  

Each site specific piece will be performed on the hour, starting with the last chime of the hour bell and will sound across Derby’s Cathedral Quarter, as a celebration of the enduring importance of music and folk traditions.  

Great viewing points to enjoy the show are Iron Gate and Amen Alley.

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