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Russell Brand

Messiah Complex - World Tour

Assembly Rooms - Great Hall

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Mon 14 Apr

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This show is suitable for ages 15+
Running Time: 2 hours - approximate, including any interval(s).

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About the event

Due to the fire at the Assembly Rooms on Friday 14 March, this event (that had previously been moved from Fri 7 Mar) has been cancelled. Box Office will be in touch with all ticket holders to confirm a full refund.

If you bought tickets through an agency please contact them directly for a refund.

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Russell Brand - Messiah Complex

The Stage - Published Tuesday 8 October 2013 at 12:43 by Julian Hall

Kicking off the UK leg of his world tour in Birmingham, Russell Brand confesses to feeling a little disoriented after having spent so much time away from his home country.

The re-acclimatisation period is quick, aided by an invigorating walkabout among the audience that lets loose Brand’s ladies’ man instincts and allows him to flex his muscle for improvised observations.

Duly warmed up, we are then strapped in for Brand’s skittish musings on how society has filled the ‘void’ of a godless existence with celebrity and consumerism. Both have, he says, supplanted more admirable qualities such as the heroism and sacrifice shown by his heroes: Ghandi, Che Guevara, Malcolm X and Jesus - all of whom are depicted on placards, albeit dwarfed by a backdrop of Brand himself. It’s well-meaning without being worthy, cerebral without being too conceited.

So, Brand more than gets by with a little help from his friends, mining his own brushes his fame, but not to the detriment of more generalised material, for example on the issue of the medium versus message. In truth, some of his observations on advertising, that spring from this, are well-worn, but the pixieish performer injects them with momentum and vitality.

Brand’s sprightly physical movements are matched by his mental leaps. He doesn’t always land on a crisp segue, for example, he never quite explains why the media was responsible for his damascene conversation over the London Olympics and the eponymous thread is more a titular bookending. For the most part though, even the leaps that don’t come off find him sitting pretty.

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