Russell Brand

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Russell Brand


Derby Arena

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Tue 3 Jul 2018

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About the event

Becoming a parent has presented Russell Brand with a number of questions. "Once you've had a baby you're a parent and immediately you go from being a madman (cool) to a mad dad (not cool). How can you be a dangerous, edgy, rebel with a tiny, little daughter?"

"How do we make sense of the madness of our lives once we become parents? What am I going to tell my daughter about conformity and responsibility? What happens if she grows up to be like me? Or, worse, to date a man like me?"

In Re:Birth, Russell Brand wrestles with these questions while unravelling the matrix of modern media, politics, sex, fatherhood and death. Join one of comedy’s fiercest talents as he tries to make sense of life having just made a new one. In Re: Birth Russell Brand seeks to address some of these questions.

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Russell Brand

Tue 3 Jul 2018, 8pm


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