Behind the Scenes

It takes months of preparation for us to bring you the fantastic events we have on in our wide variety of venues and outdoor spaces. Here's a bit more about how we do it...

Programming: Our programming team book in events, arrange dates, sort out ticket prices and offers, organise rooms and collate all the information needed to pass onto our other teams.

Sales & information: Our Sales & Information team prepare events to go on sale. We use a box office system called Spektrix to sell the tickets online, over the phone and in person. The team create events, seating plans, price lists and tick lots of boxes, so that when you come to buy your tickets it's as easy and quick as possible. Once that's all done they then help you to buy tickets, give you more information about events or help if you have any problems.

Marketing: Our Marketing team help to inform you about the events that are coming. They create the What's On guide, put the events on the website, make posters and flyers, chat to you over social media, send monthly enewsletters, send you relevant letters in the post and work with press and media to make sure as many people as possible know about what is going on at Derby LIVE.

Production & Technical: Our Technical team take care of everything from lighting, sound to stage set up and rigging. They work really hard to make sure that on the night the event goes without a hitch, they spend hours sound checking, doing lighting rehearsals and checking the set to make sure it's all safe and looking great. During the event they keep everything running, moving scenery, helping at the side of the stage and controlling the lighting and sound. Take a look at the video below to see how an event is set up.

Behind the Scenes: In Production Mad Dogs and an Englishman

Front of House: The Front of House team, which includes our huge team of volunteer stewards, prepare the venue and make sure everything is ready for when you arrive. They set out and check all the seating, make sure the venue is neat and tidy, provide first aid assistance and get all staff ready to welcome you to the the event. During the event they make announcements to keep you informed, show you to your seats, keep an eye on eveything so that the event is as enjoyable as possible for you, help answer any of your questions and provide calm and knowledgeable support in case of an emergency. 

Catering: Our Catering team provide you with drinks and snacks or meals, depending on what type of event you go to. They look after the bars, make sure the ice cream freezers are all stocked up and run our coffee bars. They also provide food and drink for our larger events, where they cook meals and bar food throughout the weekend and also arrange for local real ales to be sold on the bars. 

Outdoor Events: The Outdoor Events team do everything from programming to event management. When we have an event they programme in the dates and collate all the information, plans are then drawn up to show everyone how it will fit in the space and the team then work with all the other departments to plan all the logistics of the event. On the run up to the event the Outdoor Events team will manage everything which is going on with the help of the other teams, the outdoor space will be prepared, stages put up, lighting, marquees erected, sometimes seating put out, noise checks done so as not to disturb people living close by and the space made safe for you to all have a really good time. Below is our promotional video for The Darley Park Concert; one of our biggest outdoor events.

The Darley Park Concert Stage Construction Time Lapse Video