Our People

Our greatest asset at Derby LIVE is our dedicated team of staff and volunteers.

As well as providing events, performances & festivals across the city, several of our teams also work across the Council's Leisure, Culture & Tourism department, at Derby Arena, in parks, libraries & leisure centres.

To get in touch with us please visit the Contact us page, email addresses are firstname.surname@derby.gov.uk. If you'd like to join our team visit our Job vacancies page.


Wendy Mehdizadeh, Assistant Catering Manager

Alison Stopford, Assistant Catering Manager

John Brophy, Bar Supervisor

Tara Carter, Catering Supervisor

John Peynado, Chef

Amanda Allen, Bar & Catering Assistant

Zoe Carroll, Bar & Catering Assistant

Jade Hall-Taylor, Bar & Catering Assistant

James Hartshorn, Bar & Catering Assistant

Sandra Higgins, Bar & Catering Assistant

Jade Lowe, Bar & Catering Assistant

Kelly Mills, Bar & Catering Assistant

Kellie Shepherd, Bar & Catering Assistant

Megan Wheeldon, Bar & Catering Assistant

Diane Williamson, Bar & Catering Assistant

Tina Lucas, Bar & Catering Assistant

John Hobill, Bar & Catering Assistant

Adam Powdrill, Bar & Catering Assistant

Julita Dawidziuk, Bar & Catering Assistant

Emma Murphy, Bar & Catering Assistant

Connor Hurley, Bar & Catering Assistant

Sophie Greenwood, Bar & Catering Assistant

Kelly Roberts, Bar & Catering Assistant


Janine Bancroft, Finance Officer

Shafaq Shameem, Finance Assistant


Ed Green, Marketing and Business Development Manager

Sarah Langham, Senior Marketing Officer-Leisure

Louise Wilks, Senior Marketing Officer-Culture

Matthew Frost, Senior Marketing Officer-Projects & Media

Jenny Crowder, Marketing Officer-Digital

Alex Adkins, Marketing Officer-Creative

Alyson Koe, Marketing Officer-Media

Jen Simmons, Marketing Officer

Laura Wolczyk, Marketing Assistant

Iqra Bhatti, Digital Marketing Apprentice

Production & Technical

Gareth Chell, Production & Technical Manager

Steve Greatorex, Technical Manager

Alan Jackson, Technical Manager

Chris Grantham, Technician

Chrissee James, Technician

Jim Rolley, Technician

John Adams, Assistant Technician

Neil Jones, Casual Technician

Ken Owen, Casual Technician


Richard Wheeldon, Senior Indoor Events Officer              

Steve Widdowson, Indoor Events Officer

Amy Marsh, Front of House Assistant

Amy Meakin, Front of House Assistant

Ann Doyle, Front of House Assistant

Chris Harling, Front of House Assistant

Samantha Hempsall, Front of House Assistant

Jane Scahill, Front of House Assistant

Rachel Ball, Front of House Assistant

Richard Barton, Front of House Assistant

Sally Greatorex, Front of House Assistant

Wendy Wright, Front of House Assistant

Outdoor Events

Mick Emerson, Outdoor Events Manager

Stacy Williams, Senior Outdoor Events Officer

Touseef Hussain, Outdoor Events Officer

Sally Greatorex, Outdoor Events Assistant

Programming & Space Hire

Nikki Gayle, Space Hire Assistant

Laura Mosley, Space Hire Assistant

Laura Dinnis, Space Hire Assistant

Sales & Information

Adam Spencer, Sales and Systems Manager

Liz Henshall, Assistant Manager-Leisure

Laura Olding, Assistant Manager-Culture

Pete Roe, Assistant Manager-Tourism

Bernie Foster, Sales & Information Assistant

Amanda Harrison, Sales & Information Assistant

Karen Hinds, Sales & Information Assistant

Amy Last, Sales & Information Assistant

Gill Smith, Sales & Information Assistant

Dan Webber, Sales & Information Assistant


Hilary Bacon, Marketing Volunteer

Pat Halderby, Marketing Volunteer

Lesley Hallam, Marketing Volunteer

Glyn Hallam, Marketing Volunteer

Eric Lowe, Marketing Volunteer

Pat Lowe, Marketing Volunteer

Janice Rostron, Marketing Volunteer

Sarah Rostron, Marketing Volunteer

Sally Rowe, Marketing Volunteer

Dorothy Wain, Marketing Volunteer

Pauline Whitty, Marketing Volunteer

Avril Blower, Volunteer Steward

Barbara Royston-Webb, Volunteer Steward

Belinda Elliot Dawes, Volunteer Steward

Beryl Lomas, Volunteer Steward

Ben Gray, Volunteer Steward

Bill Davidson, Volunteer Steward

Carol Blatherwick, Volunteer Steward

Caroline Hughes, Volunteer Steward

Craig Palmer, Volunteer Steward

Denise Harborne, Volunteer Steward

Dianne Lawer, Volunteer Steward

Gill Collis, Volunteer Steward

Graham Regester, Volunteer Steward

Hazel Cussans, Volunteer Steward

Hazel Yeomans, Volunteer Steward

Irene Bradshaw, Volunteer Steward

Jane Roberts, Volunteer Steward

Janet Edmunds, Volunteer Steward

Janet Powis, Volunteer Steward

Janet Upright, Volunteer Steward

Jean Coombs, Volunteer Steward

Jean Elliott, Volunteer Steward

Joan Mercer, Volunteer Steward

Judy Clarke, Volunteer Steward

Kath Davidson, Volunteer Steward

Kay Ratcliffe, Volunteer Steward

Luke Orme, Volunteer Steward

Martin, Volunteer Steward

Mary Hogg, Volunteer Steward

Mary Sammons, Volunteer Steward

Maureen Walker, Volunteer Steward

Patricia Bhurton, Volunteer Steward

Patricia Collar, Volunteer Steward

Peter Sammons, Volunteer Steward

Polly, Volunteer Steward

Sandra Horobin, Volunteer Steward

Stuart Benson, Volunteer Steward

Tina Lucas, Volunteer Steward