HMTC Presents

Forever Young

By Erik Gedeon

Guildhall Theatre

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Until Sat 14 Oct 2017

Running Time: 2 hours 20 minutes - approximate, including any interval(s).

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About the event

A British Amateur Premiere of the hilarious Song Drama

The year is 2030, the Guildhall Theatre, is now a specialist care home for retired actors and musicians.

Now, you would think that the residents are living their retired life in a calm, relaxed manner, enjoying the benefits of being looked after – wrong!

Their daily diet consists of copious amounts of alcohol, singing long-lost musical numbers, smoking joints, stripping tardily, practicing Shakespeare monologues and embarking on wild fits of dancing. They are all young at heart and desperate to be the stars of the stage once again. 

However, they are continuously on the lookout for the austere Sister Sara, the operatic singing matron and her rather large hypodermic needle!

A bitter sweet song drama about people in their later years and their never ending love of theatre. Set in a nursing home for retired actors and musicians featuring music from I Will Survive to That’s Amore!

HMTC will be supporting AGE UK during this production.

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