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Essential Companion

Our Essential Companion Scheme recognises that some customers need additional assistance to access the services within Derby LIVE venues, which include:

  • Guildhall Theatre 
  • Derby Arena

Derby LIVE and Derby City Council are firmly committed to ensuring all customers can participate and enjoy Derby LIVE events equally.

We recognise our responsibilities under Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) legislation to undertake reasonable adjustments to the services we deliver. For customers who need someone to be with them in order to access the service or facility within Derby LIVE we have an Essential Companion Scheme.

An Essential Companion is someone who is able to assist a disabled customer with mobility or guidance, and to ensure their safety and enjoyment of Derby LIVE events.

The scheme is not open to or intended for customers who simply want someone to go with them, or just need assistance with transportation to Derby LIVE venues.

The Essential Companion will need to familiarise themselves with the Derby LIVE venue to be visited and the location of services and facilities contained within it. It will be important to speak to Derby LIVE staff if the disabled customer has complex needs and to receive advice about means of escape issues. The Essential Companion is also required to be available at all times to assist the disabled customer. Derby LIVE contact details, should you require further advice or clarification, can be found at the bottom of this form.

If we feel you qualify under the scheme you will receive an additional free ticket for your Essential Companion.

If your application is refused you can ask for the decision to be looked at again by a panel of council staff who work on disabled people’s issues. The panel will also be consulted about hard to decide applications. The information you provide will only be used to determine whether you qualify to join the Essential Companion Scheme. There is space on the form for you to tell us about your particular needs, use a separate sheet if necessary. Information about any mobility aids or supporting equipment you use will help us understand how we might best be able to meet your needs and ensure you have an accessible and enjoyable experience.

If you have difficulty completing the form or would like more information about the scheme, please contact Laura Olding, Assistant Manager-Culture:

Derby LIVE, Assembly Rooms, Market Place, Derby, DE1 3AH


Telephone 01332 255800

Type-Talk 18001 01332 255800

SMS: 07812 301233

How to apply

Apply by completing an application form - you can download it below or fill in the online form below that.

Details of Disabled Person


If the named customer above is under 16 or requires someone to be able to book tickets on their behalf please fill in the persons details below. If you require more than one person to be able to book on behalf of the customer please contact the box office to add these additional details to the customer’s record.


Please note that the application can take up to 4 weeks to process. No refunds can be made for tickets bought before this application has been approved. We cannot hold tickets for you whilst you are waiting for an application to be approved. Additional information may be required to consider your application.

The scheme is only available on selected performances. Once your form has been approved tickets can be booked online or through the box office.

Information of requirements needed


Please provide us with relevant information as to why you require an Essential Companion.

Please note, we may need to ask you for additional information if the information you supply here does not make your requirement clear or is not sufficient enough for us to make a decision.



The disabled person or representative must sign the form below by agreeing to the following declaration.


Communicating with you

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