Risk Assessment

Our risk assessment below is a general risk assessment for school visits to the Guildhall Theatre or Derby Arena* for any further help or advice about the health and safety aspects your visit contact our operations team on 01332 255433.

RiskActivity/Task presenting riskHazardRisk RatingExisting ControlsResidual RiskFurther Action
1 Fire/Technical problem Evacuation of venue L Frontline staff are trained in fire evacuation procedure L No
2 Slips/Trips/Falls Staircases/Toilet areas - wet floors L Handrails on all foyer stairs. Toilets checked every hour L No
3 Loss of child in the venue Toilet visits etc - distress to child and teacher/supervisor L Teachers/supervisors to ensure that children are accompanied if they leave the auditorium L No
4 Standing on seats Standing on seats could cause injury particularly in the Balcony area L Teachers/supervisors to ensure that children remain seated during the event L No
5 Pyrotechnics Use of pyrotechnics during the show L Seperate Risk Assessment carried out, recognised equipment used by trained personnel L No
6 Nut allergies Anaphylactic shock M Teachers/supervisors to ensure that children affected do not consume confectionary without reading manufacturers recommendations M No
7 Slips/Trips/Falls Children going on stage L Steward will take child to and from the stage. Steps are checked before every event. House lights will be on. L No
8 Merchandise Misuse of purchased goods L Teacher/supervisor to ensure appropriate behaviour of children L No
9 Injury Slip/Trip/Fall L First Aiders present during each event L No

Key: L - Low, M - Medium, H - High

*As Derby Arena is a new venue there may be additions/updates made to this Risk Assessment during the first year of operation.