School Risk Assessment

Our risk assessment below is a general risk assessment for school visits. For any further help or advice about the health and safety aspects your visit contact our operations team on 01332 255433.

RiskActivity/Task presenting riskHazardRisk RatingExisting ControlsResidual RiskFurther Action
1 Fire/Technical problem Evacuation of venue L Frontline staff are trained in fire evacuation procedure L No
2 Slips/Trips/Falls Staircases/Toilet areas - wet floors L Handrails on all foyer stairs. Toilets checked every hour L No
3 Loss of child in the venue Toilet visits etc - distress to child and teacher/supervisor L Teachers/supervisors to ensure that children are accompanied if they leave the auditorium L No
4 Standing on seats Standing on seats could cause injury particularly in the Balcony area L Teachers/supervisors to ensure that children remain seated during the event L No
5 Pyrotechnics Use of pyrotechnics during the show L Seperate Risk Assessment carried out, recognised equipment used by trained personnel L No
6 Nut allergies Anaphylactic shock M Teachers/supervisors to ensure that children affected do not consume confectionary without reading manufacturers recommendations M No
7 Slips/Trips/Falls Children going on stage L Steward will take child to and from the stage. Steps are checked before every event. House lights will be on. L No
8 Merchandise Misuse of purchased goods L Teacher/supervisor to ensure appropriate behaviour of children L No
9 Injury Slip/Trip/Fall L First Aiders present during each event L No
10 COVID-19 exposure Contracting COVID-19 M

The venue is adhering to the latest Government Guidance in relation to COVID19, these include:
1. Completing a health and safety risk assessment that includes risks from COVID-19
2. Turning people with COVID-19 symptoms away
3. Providing adequate ventilation.
4. Cleaning more often
5. Enabling people to check in at the venue
6. Communicating and training staff

More government information on events and attractions during Covid-19

L No

Key: L - Low, M - Medium, H - High