A new Derby LIVE co-production; Ears On A Beatle

Ears on a Beatle, co-produced by Derby LIVE and in partnership with Lost Boys. Guildhall Theatre Clubrooms Wed 16 - Sat 19 Dec

Tue 13 Oct 2015

We're really pleased to let you know that this winter, we're putting on a new co-produced show - Ears on a Beatle - in partnership with the fantastic Lost Boys! The show will take place between Wed 16 - Sat 19 Dec in the Guildhall Theatre Clubrooms and will be performed 5 times.

The play, written by Mark St Germain, focuses on the FBI files surrounding the death of former Beatle; John Lennon. After a long legal battle, the US government published the files through the Freedom of Information Act. The play is billed as a dark comedy that follows the evolving relationship between two surveillance agents assigned to monitor the personal, professional and political activities of John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono in the 1970s.

Two agents are assigned to place the ‘Subject’, John Lennon, under surveillance. As they proceed with their job of watching, documenting, and reporting on the life of someone else, their own lives become affected as their assignment lasts nearly 10 years until John Lennon’s death in 1980. This true chapter in American History is not simply a docu-drama but poses further questions concerning celebrity and world leader assassinations. Where do you draw the line between coincidence and conspiracy?

Ears on a Beatle is interesting as the subject remains little-explored and features a major influential artist of modern times. It also comes at a time when we are nearing the 35 year anniversary of John Lennon’s assassination and the subject of government surveillance tactics is highly relevant to today’s political landscape.

Lost Boys are known for creating original, immersive and interactive works including: plays, promenade, comedy events and street theatre. Their work is often inspired by Arts, Literature and Cinema and their impact on society. This is their first step into published plays as an organisation.

You can get tickets to see Ears on a Beatle or find out more about the production, here.