Ross Noble's doing what?!

Ross Noble Tangentleman

Thu 17 Jul 2014

It's not often you wake up in the morning, check Twitter (although that DOES happens daily) and find that a big name comedian will randomly be outside the Guildhall Theatre FILMING A TV SHOW at 2pm. And asking people to join him. But on Wednesday at around 7:15am this very scenario did occur - but what could it all mean? Why was zany-haired randomest (credit: DAVE (the channel not some bloke in our office)) Ross Noble going to be outside Derby's very own Guildhall Theatre? And what was he going to be filming for his tv show?! Was he going to stand and admire the architecture? (Great TV) Go for a spin around the market place on his trusty motorbike? (Even better TV) Did he need some kind Derby folk to give him advice on what to do with his day in the city? Who knows - all we got was "in Derby and filming tomorrow if you want to be in my tv show meet me at 2pm outside guildhall theatre" (that's from his Twitter page - not some sort of press release).

So, what did we do... we only went all the way (across the market place) over to the Guildhall Theatre to try and find out what on earth was going on, so that we could report back to you lovely people, because we're nice like that. However, just as we approached the area in question, Ross strolled up with a camera crew following and a group of people eagerly awaiting his approach. So our "eh up Ross me duck, what's this all about then?" question was swiftly forgotten as we didn't want to hi-jack his filming, and we were left to watch from a distance and try to work out from various hand movements and sound effects from the crowd just what was going on. 

And then the Chris de Burgh masks came out. 

Now, we've got nothing against Chris himself, but a group of Derby people standing in the market place ALL wearing de Burgh masks is just down right terrifying, so we made a swift exit... 1. because we didn't want to end up wearing said mask and 2. because we had a meeting to go to. 

So really, we don't have any idea what went on, but that's sort of the point really, according to the blurb about his new show Freewheeling; "he puts his fate completely in the hands of his 300,000 Twitter followers to decide every step of his journey" so, basically, anything could happen.

Although, we do know that he went for a nice morning coffee with our friends over at Déda and then did some more filming at the lovely Quad. It will be good to see Derby on the telly, but we don't know when it will be aired as it was only filmed yesterday... 

The good news is that even though Ross' Tangentleman show here at Derby LIVE was cancelled due to the fire back in March (that's not the good news) it has been rescheduled and will take place at Derby Theatre on Tue 20 Jan (hoorah!)

If you're intrigued as to just what a crowd of people wearing Chris de Burgh masks in the market place looks like, you know, just out of curiosity, then wonder no more, because Ross kindly uploaded a picture to his twitter account (@realrossnoble if you were wondering) and here it is!

A pack of Chris de Burghs