Building the Derby Christmas Ice Rink

Ice Rink Build

Fri 28 Nov 2014

We've been eagerly following the construction of the ice rink in the Market Place since it started on Mon 17 Nov - and it got us thinking, just what exactly does it take to put a whole ice rink up in the city centre?

The setup is a complicated but interesting task and involves several processes. To begin with, the Showplace team lay a base made of aluminum and ply which makes the general shape and structure of the rink. Once this is completed, handrails to aid the skaters and piping to make the ice, are laid over the top. Once everything is in place, generators will start to power chillers which pump glycol through the pipes to slowly create a freezing temperature.

Once the temperature is cold enough, 2-3 inches worth of water is poured over the rink surface above the pipes, this will create enough ice to last until the rink closes on Mon 5 Jan. Due to the temperature, the water only takes a matter of hours to freeze solid and then the first skaters can take to the ice!

The whole construction takes just under two weeks to build, including the structures and framework.

Because we can't sit and watch all the goings on for the whole two week build (we have jobs to do!) we set up a time lapse camera to capture the build from start to finish! Keep a look out for the footage coming soon! 

Ice Rink Construction Time Lapse