Cream tea matinee's available

Cream Tea Matinee

Thu 29 Jan 2015

At Derby LIVE one of our top priorities is to make your theatre experience an enjoyable one and so we're always looking into ways to improve our service.

Last year we started offering cream tea matinees on selected events, where for £3.50 per person you get a choice of tea or coffee and a scone with cream and jam, served 30minutes before the performance in the Guildhall Theatre bar. 

We're pleased to say that these proved to be so successful that we're able to bring them back for 2015. Below is a list of events with the option of a cream tea matinee;

Out There Sat 14 Mar 2:30pm

It's a Musical's Life Sat 28 Mar 2:30pm

Good Old Days Tue 21 Apr 2:30pm

Gervase Phinn Sat 9 May 2:30pm

Unforgettable Sat 23 May 2:30pm

We'll Meet Again Wed 17 Jun 2:30pm

Cream tea matinees can be booked through our Merchandise page.