Holidays are coming! Coca-Cola truck in Derby

Coca-Cola Truck

Wed 12 Nov 2014

Since 1995, the airing of the Coca-Cola Truck Christmas advert has unofficially signalled the start of Christmas - and some of us were lucky to see it as early as Sat 8 Nov (we agree, it may have been a little early!) however, the familiar tinge of Christmas excitment was released as we announced "well it's Christmas now!"

To celebrate the start of Christmas, we're excited to let you know that the Coca-Cola Truck will be arriving in Cathedral Green, Derby from 12noon - 8pm on Sun 14 Dec and by then it really WILL be Christmas!

So why not pop down and grab a free can of ice cold Coca-Cola goodness and take a snap next to the iconic vehicle to the sounds of Christmas music (we're pretty sure you won't* be fed up of it by then) 

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*might be starting to get fed up with it