Staff blog; Aladdin rehearsals

Simon Hann in rehearsals with Laura Mosley

Wed 28 Jan 2015

With the Derby City Council Staff and Councillors pantomime Aladdin rehearsals well under way, one of the stars of the show, Simon, has written a poem about his experiences of putting the show together.

It might just be the Council pantomime,
But be sure it's a really good time!

It's cold outside, it's winter time
So it must be the annual pantomime.
Have you ever been a luvvie dear
Or, like me, does the stage fill you with fear?

Amazing, I've got a part
But now we're meeting to make a start.
Was I mad to volunteer?
I was always so good at saying "maybe next year".

Some have returned from last year
Already prepared with the right gear.
Others, like me, look nervously around
Afraid to make the slightest sound.

The Director, Pete Meakin, says okay folks, okay folks, okay folks
Then cheers us up with one of his jokes.
Why does he always say things three times?
Is it one of his many crimes?

And now we've got to sing and dance,
And both at the same time, no chance!
Lucy, that's too many different moves,
But she soon has us in the groove (not).

Learn your lines by next week,
Then everything's changed a tweek.
But that was my favourite line.
Okay, it's got to go - fine!

Some of the girls are playing boys,
Darling, you'll have to go lower with that voice.
Some of the boys are playing girls,
Just walk like this and wear these curls.

Rehearsing a new scene is always great,
When Pete puts us in a creative state.
But then comes the warning sign
Next time you must know every line!

Only two weeks now to go
Before we must put on a show.
And there's so much to still put right
But we know it'll be alright on the night!

Simon Hann and Laura Mosley in rehearsals
Simon Hann and Laura Mosley in rehearsals