The Arts and Craft Fair returns

Arts and Craft Fairs

Wed 29 Jul 2015

We know some of you really enjoy a visit to our Arts & Craft Fairs that take place on East St throughout the year, so, you'll be pleased to know that the fair is returning from Thu 30 Jul - Sat 1 Aug!

The Arts & Craft Fairs are an opportunity for a range of independent crafters (all registered artisans) to sell their unique creations in a 3 day outdoor fair in the heart of the City Centre.

Some crafters do it for a hobby whilst others craft full time as a small business. The fairs are an opportunity for the crafters to bring different styles of arts and crafts to the high street and give the shopper something a little different to what you can find in stores.

If you're looking for a gift, or something unique for yourself, then do go down and support local independent crafters on East St, open from approx 10am - 4pm.