The Derby Arena officially belongs to the council

Mon 27 Oct 2014

Last Thursday saw a unique event take place as cyclists, Team Derby athletes, Councillors, Derby LIVE and leisure & culture staff and even giants, walked from the new Park Bike Works shop behind the Assembly Rooms to the Derby Arena on Pride Park.

At 11am, the parade left Park Bike Works to begin their 45minute journey to the new Arena in an event to celebrate the keys to the Derby Arena being officially handed over to the council. The cyclists were made up of Councillor Alison Martin, Cycle Derby breeze group, 2x para-cyclists, school children from Lakeside School, More Large cyclists and Derby Cycling Group, whilst the walkers included 3 council gym staff, Leon Taylor (Olympic Torchbearer), Tiara Samuel, Team Derby athletes, BFG giants (from a production put on by Derby LIVE) and various members of Derby LIVE and Leisure staff.

The cycling group took a different and slightly longer route to the walkers, as they needed to pick up the participating school children along the way. The two groups met on the river path adjecent to the Derby Arena and all completed the final stretch together to meet a welcome party at the Arena entrance. Press were able to capture the event (you may have seen it in the paper and on the local news!) and flashbulbs went off as the keys were handed over.

The Derby Arena is not ready to open yet, but keep an eye on as any news and information will be posted there first. Or connect with them on Twitter or Facebook.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the parade and hope that a fantastic event was enjoyed by all!