We'll give a chance to a French stranger

Darley Park Crowd

Wed 13 Aug 2014

For the past three months, our Outdoor Events department have had an intern working with them on our summer events... on a placement from France (and more specifically her university) Perrine tells us what it's been like working in Derby...

Why did I decide to do a work placement at Derby LIVE? Certainly not because pink is my favourite colour, or because I like the sunshine in summer… but surely because I’ve been abroad before and I know how enriching this kind of experience could be. Discovering a new culture, meeting people, being aware of what is going on overseas…

After living for three months in Montreal (Canada) and visiting a part of the USA, I could not stop here, I needed more! And I also needed to find a place to do a work placement and obviously, Derby LIVE, and more precisely, Mick Emerson (City Centre Events Manager) and Pete Meakin (Creative Producer), were crazy enough to give a chance to a young French stranger. And to be fair, I am still wondering why they decided to say YES to me… But I’m glad they did!

Even though I wanted to go back to France several times during the past three months, (yes I did, believe me; it is really not easy to live in a country which is not yours!) I’m more than happy I stayed!

By doing my work placement at Derby LIVE, I’ve learnt so much. No doubt, if I could stay longer I would, and if I could do this again I would do it! More than enjoying the events, I could see how those were organized, which it is much more interesting and thrilling!