Alpha Pro Creative Full Band Open Mic & Addictive Philosophy Album Launch

Sun 21 Nov 12pm

Location: The Market Place

About the event

Full band open mic brought to you by Alpha Pro Creative and the anticipated launch of Addictive Philosophy's new album Back and Forth at Derby Market Place.

Full Band Open Mic: 12pm - 6pm

You’ve tried Karaoke, but probably not quite like this… With a full band in place - there’s guitar, bass, drums, and vocals – they can play a huge range of songs and styles, and you can join them!  Bring yourself and your voice, or drop in with an instrument, and literally join the band. Alternatively, bring your own band along and take the stage for a couple of numbers; if any of your band can't make it then use one of the house band to fill the space!!  This is an open, drop-in event, but you can make a day of it and join in with, or watch others, performing in a great atmosphere (with a bar on site!) Brought together by Alpha Pro Creative, this is a great way to turn a lazy Sunday afternoon into city centre party!

Addictive Philosophy Album Launch: 7pm

Due to be released just before lockdown and subsequently postponed, Back and Forth is the new album from Addictive Philosophy, and this is your chance to be part of its official release to the world. When there’s not a pandemic, the band are constantly gigging, and their no-nonsense blend of ska, punk and addictively good music is guaranteed to lift your spirits. This is music filled with passion, both in the lyrics and performance, and seeing them play right in the city centre is a special treat – you know what to do… get yourselves to the gig!


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