Dinosaurs of China

Wollaton Hall and Nottingham Lakeside Arts

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Saturday 1 July - Sunday 29 October

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World exclusive!

Grab your tickets now and join the Dinosaur Revolution as Dinosaurs of China opens at Wollaton Hall and Nottingham Lakeside Arts this summer.

The exhibition will include giant skeletons and a range of smaller bird-like dinosaurs to tell the newly understood story of how birds evolved from dinosaurs. For the first time, specimens that have until now only been shown in China, will be accessible in the UK.

Dinosaurs on display will include Gigantoraptor, the largest bird-like dinosaur ever found, and Yi qi, the bat-like flying dinosaur. Visitors will also meet Sinraptor - one of the most terrifying dinosaurs of the Jurassic age and Mei long, approximately 15 cm long - so would fit in the palm of your hand!

The star attraction is Mamenchisaurus - 22 metres long from head to tail. The skeleton will be specially mounted in a rearing pose to fit in the building. At a towering 13 metres tall this will make it the tallest mounted dinosaur skeleton in the UK.

There will be 3D dinosaur skeletons and small flattened bird-like skeletons preserved in the rock.  Genuine dinosaur fossils and prehistoric birds showing that skin and feathers will be available to view. These new dinosaur discoveries are helping palaeontologists to understand how the prehistoric beasts on display relate to the birds we live alongside today.

Nottingham Lakeside Arts will be welcoming the Dilophosaurus and an Alxasaurus as part of the world exclusive exhibition of feathered dinosaurs. Entrance is free. Visitors will experience an interactive exhibition which tells the story of paleo-art, and discover how science and art help us to figure out how dinosaurs may have looked. Become a Palaeontologist for a day, and investigate the revelation that birds are really dinosaurs. There are activities for all the family and the chance to meet Diana Saurus – a lively safari guide who will be at Lakeside Arts throughout the exhibition delivering family fun activities. Visit lakesidearts.org.uk for full details.

Book tickets and find out more on the website: dinosaursofchina.co.uk

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£9.90 per adult, £7.70 per child